Misa is an artist printmaker working in south London. She was born and brought up on the outskirts of Tokyo, but has lived in the UK for more than half of her life. 

She produces intricate images by cutting, layering and overprinting multiple individual monotype prints. The starting point is always her relationship with nature, one that was forged in Japan where the natural world is woven into the fabric of daily life. Instead of Us and Nature there is a real day-to-day sense of Us as Nature.

Misa’s works are visual Haiku poems that celebrate the elusiveness and transiency of nature; their simplicity belying the complexities involved in their craft and production. They play with the juxtaposition within nature of apparent amorphous randomness and the underlying systems, patterns and rules. The inherent contrasts between randomness and regularities, fluidity and rigidness intrigue her.

Her aim is to capture her immediate response to what she observes. At the initial stage of each series, she accumulates sketches of shapes and colours as well as creating many monotype prints. For Misa, Printmaking is not just a process to produce a final image but a way to cultivate her work.  She relies on the Printmaking process to facilitate a sense of spontaneity and happy accidents before forming the final images by cutting, rearranging and layering the monotype prints.

Misa has predominantly created smaller scale works in series, however, recently she started developing works at a larger scale in order to achieve a more immersive effect. She is interested in creating murals as well as exploring possibilities of producing installations with sculptural forms.

Oct 2018




Sept 2013

MA in Printmaking,Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London

Mar 2011

UAL level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design,Citylit (awarded by UAL)


July 2018    2 weeks residency at OFFICINA STAMPERIA DEL NOTAIO in Sicily

Group Exhibitions

Jan 2019. The Structure of Things, Bearspace, London

Sept 2018     National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

Aug 2018     Japan Exhibition, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, West Yorkshire

Jun 2018       Concatenate,  RK Burt Gallery, London

Oct 2017        Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London 

Oct 2017        Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition, Japan

July 2016 to May 2017  Small Print International,  touring exhibition in England 

Feb 2016        New Home,  Mile End Art Pavilion, London

May 2014        Bainbridge Open, Embassy Gallery, London

Dec 2013         Without Boundaries, Menier Gallery, London

May 2013         Proof, Brixton East Gallery

Jan 2013          Dis/Play II, Camberwell College of Arts

Nov 2012         Dis/Play, Camberwell College of Arts

Sep 2012         Constraint & Femininity, E17 Art trail

Jun 2012         0.34 miles (0.54km), Camberwell College of Arts

May 2012        EMIT, New Gallery, Peckham

Jan 2012         SHOW, Camberwell College of Arts

Nov 2011         Under Construction, Camberwell College of Arts

Mar 2011         Foundation Art and Design Show 2011, Citylit

Award/ Prize

May 2014        Excellence in Printmaking by East London Printmakers

Sep 2013         Bainbridge Studio Award 2013